about us

About Us

We believe that He gives true life, belonging and purpose so wherever He leads through His Holy Spirit and the Bible – we aim to follow.


HT is a lively and growing church located near the centre of the town. It has a great mix of people of different ages and backgrounds, and with a broad range of worship styles, who share a passion to get to know and love the God who made us. We have around 300 adults and 100 children & young people as members of the church family. In addition, each week we welcome around 400 people from our community – old and young, men and women, some of faith, some of no faith, some inquiring – through our doors to share in our activities.

Through our services and activities we want to glorify God by worshipping Him in our different styles, so we can learn about all that He offers. In our small groups, we aim to find friendship and personal support, as well as love and guidance, to apply the Bible, and live faithfully, in our daily lives.

We seek to work with churches and other partners to serve the town, and we aim to extend these relationships further as we grasp all the opportunities there are to serve our town especially as it expands.