Values and Vision

Our Purpose

Responding to God’s love, led by the Holy Spirit, we are called to worship grow as disciples and share the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed wherever we go.


Our Vision

To be an open and welcoming community drawing people of different ages, backgrounds and circumstances together and towards Jesus.  Each person being encouraged and helped to share in growing relationship with God, in worship and service in Aylesbury and beyond.


Our Guiding Values

ALL INVOLVED: Every member of our community has gifts and talents given to them by the Holy Spirit to serve and further God’s mission in the world.
BECOMING DISCIPLES: Guided by the Bible we believe we are called all on a journey to discover more about God’s love and purposes for our lives
CREATING COMMUNITY: Jesus’ life and teaching are the inspiration and the model for our living together.
DOING EVANGELISM: We are all called to share in God’s mission in the world and we all give a witness to Jesus by what we do and what we say
ENCOUNTERING GOD:: Everything we are and do depends on being open to encounter with the transforming power of God in worship, prayer and service

The VISION of Holy Trinity Church over the next 5 years is to be:

CENTRED on God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit with evident joy expressed for who we are in Christ prayer given clear priority in every aspect of church life a variety and excellence of worship opportunities available to suit different needs diversity of expression welcomed and encouraged within the unity of our common church values

ORIENTATED by the Holy Spirit to the world and its needs with a reputation as ‘doers’ not just ‘talkers’ who share a desire to step out of our ‘comfort zones’ to reach others increasing resources for mission to the ‘de-churched’ and ‘un-churched’ adults increasing resources for mission to children & young people expanding links to other churches as a resource for mutual Gospel partnerships

CONNECTED to people of all types and cultures with a genuine welcome for people of all backgrounds, circumstances and cultures growth in the range of church activities and in the number of people who feel that they ‘belong’ church members being equipped and encouraged to serve in their communities church members being equipped and encouraged to serve in mission partnerships across the world

SERIOUS about the Bible and Christian discipleship with an expanding network of ‘cell’ groups as the building block of church life and on-going pastoral care for all ages a dedicated team and other resources for ‘specialist’ support and equipping church members enabled and encouraged to enjoy their spiritual gifts and ministries increasing resources – personnel, financial & physical – being generated for ministry, based on a redeveloped building able to offer multi-purpose space for use throughout the week