Welcome to Glo! – a Youth Cafe where you can never get enough of the amazing Smoothies, or delicious Toasties!

Glo is a great place to just hang out and invite friends to do the same. There’s games consoles – PS3 & XBOX, your own choice of music, table tennis and Pool, laptops, games, crafts and loads of other stuff to do, in addition to just relaxing with your friends.

At GLO we have our own Smoothie makers, so you can order a fresh Smoothie from the bar, any time you like!

Download the Glo term card here!

When Is It?
The first Friday night of every month.

What Time Does It Start? 
Drop in anytime from 6.30pm, and finishing at 8.30pm for Pathfinders. (Members of the Chill team get to stay later).

At the Foyer at HT, Walton St, Aylesbury.

Can I Come?
Sure – if you’re in Year 7 or above. Bring your friends.

Is It Free?
As a bird….