HT Subscriber Email Groups

Did you know that there is a subscriber email group for general communications between members of Holy Trinity Church? It is used by members to inform other group members about personal news, requests, information and events that they may be involved in.

There are currently approximately 100 email addresses in the group. This includes some who have moved on from Holy Trinity but still enjoy hearing others’ communications. (Please be aware that the Email Group does not therefore represent the membership of the Church – only those who have chosen to opt-in to this circulation group).¬†Once you are a member, posting to the Group is easy and simply involves sending to a single email address.

If you would like to join this General HT Email Group, please email the Church Office at:

Please note that this Subscriber Group is not generally used by the Church Office for Church Communications. Instead Church Office ‘E-bulletins’ are emailed to all HT members by default (and requires members to unsubscribe / opt-out if they do not wish to receive them).