Mentoring Network

‘Christian Mentoring is a dynamic, intentional, voluntary relationship of trust in which one person [the mentor] enables another person [the mentee] to maximise the grace of God within their lives and develop their potential in the service of God’s kingdom purposes’

A ‘mentor’ is a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher. ‘Being mentored’ is inviting good advice from someone who is further down the road than you (often in age but always in experience) so you can learn from their questions, insights and encouragements. Mentoring is not coaching or counselling but it can help us decide what we wish to do in situations and how to achieve good outcomes.

The HT Mentoring Network gives our members the opportunity to invite someone to come alongside them to help respond to what God is saying in their lives, and to learn how to let him be God in every part of it! We see this as just one way of our shared desire to grow as followers of Jesus Christ.

Pick up a copy of our MENTORING NETWORK leaflet in church, or email

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