We encourage all adults in the church to join one of our small group Clusters. Meeting at different times and days to suit different circumstances, Clusters really are the heart of church family life, where we find encouragement & friendship, get equipped for the Christian life and can serve others.

Clusters usually meet at least once a month for shared times of worship, learning and fun. Each Cluster also develops and supports a number of small groups of about 8 – 12 people that meet in member’s homes on the other weeks of the month.

All Clusters welcome guests to ‘try them out’ at their meetings. As guests get to know people we hope they will then link in with one of the small groups for even closer friendships and support.

Details of our clusters are listed below….


Cluste Pastors: Steve Hurry & Martin Roper
Tel: 01296 580403 or 01296 421814

Meet on the first Tuesday of each month

The Amazing Grace Cluster would welcome anyone that is able to join us on Tuesday evenings. We tend to focus on Prayer and Bible Study, interspersed with social events. If that would suit you, please contact one of us

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Cluster Pastors: Glenn Foster & John Walton
Tel: 07726 972870 (Glenn)

Meet on the first Wednesday of each month

Small Groups in the Cluster meet on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 8pm and 10pm

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Cluster Pastors: Viv & Mark Knight

Meet on the second Tuesday of each month

“The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”
(Job 33:4)
We exist to share the journey of getting to know Jesus

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Cluster Pastor: Roger Axtell
Tel: 01296 421539

In the Connect cluster, we are passionate about forming and building new and deeper relationships within the church family and with our local community. We want to be small enough for everyone to know each other, and big enough to serve other people.

We have no set pattern of meeting, but get together for at least 1 time of worship, 1 time of eating, and 1 time of serving the local community every term. Examples of these times include leading a healing service for the wider church, sharing a picnic in Wendover Woods, painting rooms at the Wycombe YMCA, and carol singing in the local pub & residential home. We’re always up for new ideas to come from anyone in the group.

Some members of the cluster belong to small groups meeting on Wednesday & Tuesday evenings (and occasionally Thursday lunchtimes) and others don’t – it’s up to you!

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Cluster Pastor: Andrew Henderson
Tel: 07754 017468

Meet on Tuesdays

Smile Cluster is the cluster without groups to cluster at the moment…we are the Henderson Home Group, meeting on Tuesdays and hosted by Jonny and Mel Walker on alternate weeks. We see ourselves as a group which thrives on our diversity, in age and outlook. Our discussions can be quite frank and honest but there’s a lot of laughter with it.

Meetings usually start with a short creative worship starter (anything from listening to music, reading a psalm, reflecting on a piece of art, to reconstructing a hymn or sharing favourite quotations ). We nearly always pray together at some point. Food and drink are often present – ‘pie and darts’ a favourite and even an evening including champagne and caviar!

We love to socialise. This year, as well as our termly pub get together, we have made a reservoir walk, had a pie and darts evening, played Kubb and Boules on Bedgrove Park and sampled the delights at the Tap and Barrel – all opportunities to bring along partners, friends or neighbours.

We hope to grow in number this year and replace some who have sadly relocated.

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