Men@HT hopes to provide a feeling of togetherness in faith, and encouragement as we learn more about what it means to be men of God – living our Christian faith in the real world.

Our Holy Trinity Aylesbury 2021 programme has started with an emphasis on Going Deeper with God and we hope that focus will inspire Men@HT through this year to get to know Him and each other better.

With the covid-19 pandemic it has not been possible to continue with regular events in person but previously there have been activities such as pub nights, walks, bike rides, and curry nights. There’s a few new ideas bubbling under too.

For the moment we’re able to meet on zoom with FIRST THURSDAY at the beginning (yes, the first Thursday) of each month. We’ll have an informal time looking at the Bible and enjoying some beer (or other favourite drink of your choice). If you’d like the zoom link for the next event please use the ‘Contact Us’ button below.

As restrictions are now easing from the pandemic, we plan to develop our programme again – bearing in mind the one thing we all know at the moment: things can change at short notice!

We’ll aim on this web page to provide reference points and links to resources from organisations we know about, and notice of activities that are happening through wider networks – such as New Wine, Spring Harvest, LICC (London Institute of Contemporary Christianity), CVM (Christian Vision for Men) and others. Revisit this page to see what changes.

As Men@HT we’d like to be able to support each other and be welcoming to guests and newcomers – if you’d like to get in contact please use the ‘Contact Us’ button below.


2 PETER overview video from Bible Project

(Topic of 1st Thursday on 7 October 2021)

WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY from Christianity Explored

A brief introductory video around Jesus’ question ‘Who Do You Say I Am?’

One Page 2 Peter – An Aerial View of 2 Peter in 1 page
A Bit More 2 Peter – A Short Summary of 2 Peter


Looking Ahead:

For First Thursday in October on Thurs 7th, we’ll continue with our informal ‘book club’ style zoom gathering – this time discussing 2 Peter in overview. Check out the online resources on this Men@HT Web page in preparation.


We’d also like to highlight an interesting lineup of online events from Licc (London Institute of Contemporary Christianity) and thought you might like to know about them. They cover a variety of topics all relating to how we can meet the challenges of living in the real world, while developing the presence of our faith and retaining a relevance as Christians. See the links below for more details:

Monday 27 September 7pm – Wisdom Lab: Rage Against The Machine.
In the light of our dependence on technology – especially evident through the pandemic – we discuss how our tech may be playing a part in forming us – subtly adjusting our expectations of what’s good, what’s evil, and what it means to be human. How can the digital world serve and violate God’s purposes for creation? What will it look like to make a difference for Christ in a tech dominated age?

Thursday 7 October 7pm – Workplace Habits For Better Decisions
How can I Make Better Decisions At Work? The answer is not a simple formula or one-size fits all answer – but by becoming effective and wise people learning to make effective and wise decisions.
A session including biblical reflection, case studies, breakout discussions and insights from the field of leadership development.
Aimed at young professionals, but all are welcome.

Monday 1 November 7pm – Undoing Inequality Through Business.
The principle of ‘jubilee’ in the Bible created a fresh start every 7 years – releasing prisoners, setting slaves free, and cancelling debts. Society was realigned with the equality of the Kingdom of Heaven. How can the principle help us in the 21st Century? Especially in business? How can business act for social justice?

Monday 8 November 7pm – Building on the Rock: Christians in Construction.
If you’re in construction or a similar sector this session will be of interest – looking at stories of God at work on the building site, projects that have made a real difference for Christ, and how to live fruitfully as a disciple at work.

First Thursday October 2021


Every 1st Thursday of the Month
From 8pm

Meeting on zoom during the covid-19 pandemic.

Every first Thursday in the month over a beer (or any other beverage of your choice) we will be exploring books of the Bible – informally & virtually!



Aylesbury College, Every Monday Evening
8pm – 10pm

HTFC meets on Monday evenings at Aylesbury College for fast and furious 5-a-side. This is for men of all ages and a wide range of age and ability is regularly showcased, with newcomers always welcomed. Our social spin-offs include the occasional pub meal and summer barbecue.


New events coming soon

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For more information about any aspect of our men’s ministry, please do get in touch!

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