At Holy Trinity, we take the safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults very seriously. It is important to us that everyone who takes part in Church activities is able to feel safe and secure. As a result, we have agreed to adopt and follow the Diocese of Oxford’s Safeguarding policy.  A copy of our safeguarding policy is available here.

All those responsible for work with children and young people are required to have a DBS check.

Our safeguarding officer is Lynn McMeekin who can be contacted in the event of any concerns.

Please find below a summary of our Safeguarding policy:

3 Safeguarding principles for our whole church family – whilst these specifically refer to children, they can be applied to vulnerable adults too:

Remember, these are a practical expression of God’s love for all his people – so that all are welcome & all are safe as they come into God’s house…

When the church is open (eg. Sunday morning), treat it as a public space.

  1. Parents/ carers – Taking responsibility for your children means knowing where your children are at all times, and staying in the same space as them if they’re younger – much as you would in a department store.
  2. Kids let your parents know where you’re going if you’re going to a different room – no more hide and seek!  
  3. Everyone – help to keep children safe in the building. Intervene if you see a child leaving on their own or with someone you don’t recognise.

Adults, make sure you are never on your own with children

  1. Our aim is always to have a minimum of two adults supervising a children’s activity/session
    Adults who have been DBS checked through Holy Trinity wear a yellow badge with their name and HT Childrens Church logo on it

Tell someone if you’re worried about the way an adult is behaving to a child (and they will check the situation out with the appropriate agencies):

  1. Parish Safeguarding Officer – Lynn McMeekin
  2. Wardens – Richard Bragg & Anne-Marie Foster (during the period whilst we are without a full-time vicar))
  3. Children’s advocates – Roger Axtell & Jenny Laferton

And if someone says something to you, you MUST speak to Lynn or the ministers (or wardens during the vacancy).