Pauline Linton

Pauline, a member of our HT family, is working as a Bible translation consultant in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa, where she also co-writes French Bible translation aids.

Serving 25 years in central Africa

Pauline has been a Holy Trinity mission partner for over 25 years serving in various parts of central Africa. She moved to the eastern DRC in February 2019 and is currently based in the city of Kisangani which you can see from the link is not far from the equator.

Bible Translation Consultant

Pauline serves as a Bible translation consultant, helping teams who are translating the Bible into their own local language to ensure that their translations are accurate, clear, and natural. This gives speakers of more languages access to God’s precious Word in their heart language for the first time.

Bible Commentaries and Translation Aids

Pauline also helps to write a series of Bible commentaries and translation aids in French which are used across the francophone world to help mother-tongue translators make better first drafts of their translations.

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