month of prayer

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has called us as a church to a Month of Prayer

“Bearing in mind our primary vocation as the Church of Jesus Christ to pray and to serve,we call upon the Church of England to make this month of lockdown a month of prayer. More than anything else, whatever the nation thinks, we know that we are in the faithful hands of the risen Christ who knows our weaknesses, tiredness and struggles and whose steadfast love endures for ever.”

As a leadership, we are calling the church family at HTA to commit themselves afresh to prayer though this lockdown….and beyond. We would love it if you would join us in prayer in the following ways….

Daily Prayer

You might like to use the church Prayer Points; Lectio 365 or Unite 714 for example

November Days of Prayer

Wednesday 11th November

A day of personal prayer joining in with the prayer guide below

Wednesday 18th November

Gather online to pray together at 9am, 12 noon and 8pm – choose the time that works best for you

Wednesday 25th November

A day of prayer, fasting and listening to God. Fasting could be from food, coffee, social media, TV or whatever works for you – the aim is to commit time to God

Wednesday 2nd December

Gather online to pray together at 9am, 12 noon and 8pm as we pray for December and Christmas – choose the time that works best for you

Sundays Light a Candle

We encourage you to light a candle in the windows of your homes at 4pm (or another time that suits you better) as a visible symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ, our source and hope in prayer

If you live with others, or have children,gather together as you pray for those who live around you, and for opportunities to demonstrate the love of Jesus and share the Good News of Jesus the light of the World. Pray for God’s blessing over our town of Aylesbury. Pray that you will reflect Jesusthe light of the World throughout the week

We light this candle as a sign that you are with us, Lord, and that Jesus is the light of life. As a church gathered around their candles yet united by your Spirit,we pray blessing over Aylesbury. May theflickering light of our candles shine the Christ-light into the hearts of all those around us.

Safety note -please take all necessary fire precautions when using a lit candle. Ensure you remain with the lit candle at all times, and do not leave it to burn if you leave the room. Ensure there are no fabrics or materials such as curtains near the candle. If you are able to use a small electric ‘candle’ instead, that will be safe to leave unattended

Pray as Small Groups whenever you meet using the suggested themes and as God leads

The Church will be open as a Prayer Space on Wednesdays from 10am –12noon

Our Vision as a Church is that we are a church for whom prayer is essential for everything that we do. We make space for, and expect, the Holy to speak and work


Prayer chains are all about people ready to pray and pass on requests in confidence’
Pastoral care, personal prayer and supportmembers of the ministry team are always ready to offer a listening ear.
Please get in touch with RogerAxtell by emailing