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Chill is the youth group at HT for 14-18s and has a great mix of different people, which means there’s no end to opinions or thoughts in our open discussions.


So… get in touch, and come along – we’d be really happy to see you!! Why not get involved at Glo Youth Cafe twice a month – there’s loads to do, and we make a great team!

As well as running Glo Youth Cafe we do other stuff like eating great pizza, getting together for fresh and relevant worship times and where we find out what the Bible has to say about doing life as a teenager. We like games of extreme UNO, film nights, raising money for projects, finding ways of getting involved in community action, and lot’s more. We want to show our town that teenagers are a great part of the community – so we look for opportunities to get out and about, and show our faith in action – big or small.

We also like to go out on day trips to theme parks and attractions, and we’re up for a weekend residential once or twice a year too. We even did a trip to Brittany in France recently. And there’s the ‘Soul Survivor’ conference in Shepton Mallet each Summer where we camp for 5 days. That is so awesome!

CHILL @ Afterglo – 1st & 3rd Fridays from 6.30pm.
Chill meet at HT on the 1st and 3rd (and sometimes 5th) Friday nights of the month, where we have a great time running the Glo Youth Cafe from 6.30pm til 8.30pm. After that we get together for our own time to socialise (we call it ‘Afterglo’!), with a prayer or bible time, from 8.30pm til about 10pm.

CHILL CELL - 2nd & 4th Sundays. 7pm – 9pm meeting in the Foyer@HT.
On the 2nd & 4th Sundays we get together at 7pm for Chill Cell which is a great time to meet friends, eat snacks and an opportunity to learn and ask questions about God, and take part in some lively discussion about faith and what it means to follow Christ.

CHILL A.M. CELL First Sunday 10.30am in Youth Room.
On the First Sunday of each month Chill meet for an informal time of seeing what the Bible has to say about the things that are going on in our worlds! It’s a great time for learning how being a Christian makes a difference to our lives, and what God thinks about stuff.


TO FIND OUT MORE:- call the Church Office 01296 398110 or EMAIL

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